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Chrome wire shelving is used widely in kitchens and storage areas. Because the shelves, or tiers, are not solid, there is greater airflow around items that are to be stored, for example pots and pans. The chrome wire racking comes in various sizes and in three or four tiers, although you can mix and match and add more shelves to a single unit depending on your specific use. All the shelves are fully adjustable using plastic half round clips. These clips are clipped to the four uprights of the racking in the desired shelf position. When the shelf is slid on to the poles, it comes to rest on these clips. The more force or weight applied to the shelf, the tighter and more secure the shelf becomes. The chrome wire shelving is ideal for dry storage areas and should not ne used in wet areas or chiller or freezer rooms.
For these areas you will need our Epoxy Coated Wire Racking. Epoxy Coated Wire Racking is coated in a special paint allowing it to be used cold rooms as well as dry stores.
Our range of stainless steel wall shelves come in varying lengths and are made to the same high quality as our Catering Tables and Sinks.