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Meiko FV 28 GiO Premium Glasswasher.
Same machine as the FV 28 G but including integrated reverse osmosis module.
No additional space required.
No additional installations.
No additional operating steps.
Hygienically cleaned glasses (in compliance with DIN 10511).
Sparkling clean glasses in a small installation area of 460x820 mm.
Glistening clean glasses are the sign that every guest clearly recognizes!.
It is also well known that apart from top-class cleaning methods also the purest water ideally from a reverse osmosis system is necessary.
We have therefore integrated a reverse osmosis module directly into the FV 28 GiO so that as much valuable space as possible behind the counter is unoccupied and the synthesis of cleaning technology and water treatment makes sparkling cleaning results possible with easy on-site installation even with low availability of space.
Compact cleaning technology with integrated reverse osmosis system the perfect gastronomy warewasher for the counter or bar.
Product Code:  FV 28 GiO
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Meiko FV 28 GiO Premium Glasswasher

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