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Giesser PrimeLine Filleting Knife 6 1/4" Flexible.
Quality steel blades, vacuum heated for optimum strength.
Machine and hand sharpened for premium performance.
Textured, soft grip and slide proof handle with solid core for stability.
Razor sharp blade woth great longevity for retaining a sharp cutting edge.
Textured, Soft Grip Handle With Solid Core And Protective Hand Guard - Give Absolute Stability And Prevents Hand From Slipping
High Quality Steel Vacuum Heated, And Machine And Hand Sharpened/Polished - Razor Sharp Blade With Optimum Strength And Great Longevity To Retain A Sharp Cutting Edge
Product Code:  217365-16
Units:  Each
Our Price:  15.84 (inc. VAT 19.01)


Giesser PrimeLine Filleting Knife 6 1/4" Flexible

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