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Giesser BestCut X55 Chef Knife 9 3/4".
Ultimate premium quality forged knife.
The blade is forged from a single piece of steel with particularly high carbon content to ensure long durability of the cutting edge and amazing sharpness.
Stainless steel riveitted handle, ergonomically designed with soft edges for comfort.
Single Piece Steel Blade With High Carbon Content And Smooth Finish - Exceptional Durability Of Cutting Edge Sharpness
Ergonomically Designed Handle With Soft Edges - Enables A Perfect Grip And Precise Guidance Whilst Cutting
High Quality Stainless Steel Rivets - Ensure Handle Remains Attached For Life Of Knife, And Helps Protect Against Rust And Shrinking
High Quality Steel Vacuum Heated, And Machine And Hand Sharpened/Polished - Razor Sharp Blade With Optimum Strength And Great Longevity To Retain A Sharp Cutting Edge
Premium Quality Forged Knife Blade - Allows For Additional Weight To Be Placed In The Centre Of The Knife Between The Handle And The Blade For The Perfect Balance And Maximum Ease When Cutting
Product Code:  8680-25
Units:  Each
Our Price:  72.10 (inc. VAT 86.52)


Giesser BestCut X55 Chef Knife 9 3/4"

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