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The Buffalo Jumbo Ribbed Top Flat Bottom Contact Grill features a heavy duty, robust stainless steel construction with one ribbed and one flat cast iron plate, allowing the quick, healthy grilling of a variety of foods such as Paninis, meats and eggs. Its adjustable swivel head allows this contact and Panini grill to perfectly cook a variety of food thicknesses, whilst its programmable digital timer with audible alarm reduces the need for supervision, reducing time wastage and labour loss.

Cast iron plates.
Counter-balanced top plate.
Fast heat-up.
Variable heat control.
Removable grease tray.
Digital timer.
Dimensions 230(H)x 565(W)x 540(D)mm.
Dimensions - cooking area 355(W)x 355(D)mm.
Output 2950W.
Temperature Range 100C to 300C.
Warranty 2 years.
Weight 38.5kg
Product Code:  GJ452
Units:  Each
Our Price:  531.30 (inc. VAT 637.56)


Buffalo Jumbo Panini Grill With Ribbed Top Plate And Flat Bottom Plate

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